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  1. hey i came across your website through s linked in post. I love what you are doing. I had started but not progressed on my blog analytics works similar to yours… wanted to say that your thinking is systematic but your artwork is beautiful.. a creativity is very intrinsic to work with business issues and application of analytics. It is not about the tools you know about but how you use them… will be following your posts.

    • Thanks Priya for your appreciation of my art work. All the best for your blog.Hope you will get started on it soon.

  2. Greetings from Peru

    Here recently the concept of Analytics in organizations, is taking relevance. The blog is great, the way of explanation of the problems with analytical solutions is very good … especially the drawings are very good

  3. Hi Roopam,

    I accidentally stumbled upon your blog but now I am hooked to it. Thanks for writing these extremely useful pieces of writing.


  4. Really, this website is special. I mean, who else adds one’s own drawings? Keep it up, Roopam, you are like a wind of fresh air for eyes tired of reading dry texts. I wonder what will be your next endeavour 🙂 by the way, do you participate in Kaggle? Lots of interesting challenges, I believe you would get good scores. Looking forward to your next post.

  5. Roopam, fantastic Art gallery. Wow…That’s great. Your blog is so great for learners.

  6. Awestruck !!! Am a fresher to the world of analytics… Was confused to join the dots. But your blog is picture perfect in all the way… Its ART of learning with oms visualization of your drawings !!! The way you narrate is interesting. Thank you for your write ups keen to learn more. Neva give a pause button wish to read more… Roopam grt work Wish u all success..

  7. Great work indeed. Looking for new updates on predictive analytics in BFSI (like customer/branch/bank profitability, cash/liquidity etc.)

  8. Great work indeed. Looking for new updates on predictive analytics in banking such as cash/liquidity, customre/branch/bank profitability etc.

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